our process

Most of our jobs only take 3 days to complete. Larger jobs can take longer.

Surface Preparation

  • During the first day(s) of the job, our time is spent preparing the area to be surfaced. We also protect adjacent floors and trim with proper covering. During surface preparation we will inspect and reinforce any existing cracks if necessary. Finally, we apply a bonding coat to the surface. This bonding coat is what the plastering material you’ve chosen will adhere to.
  • The next day(s) the base coat will be applied. (Some of our finishes require several days to cure between the base coat and finish coat.)
  • The last day(s) of the job the surface will be treated with the finish coat.


I had them plaster an exposed basement foundation wall in the stairwell

and it couldn't have turned out better. They were on time, did what they
said they were going to do, and cleaned up after themselves well. Plus
the work was really fantastic. Would definitely use these guys again and
wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to others.


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